Psycholog Elżbieta Czapiewska-Zejden

o sobie:

She is a specialist in clinical psychology, a certified psychotherapist and a supervisor of the Psychotherapy Research Unit of the Polish Psychiatric Association, as well as the Polish Psychological Association.

For over 20 years she worked in Psychotherapy Ward for Neurosis in the Psychiatric Clinic at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. For 12 years she was the head of Poznan’s Branch Office of the Polish Ericksonian Institute. At present, she is the head of the Specialised Psychotherapy, Training and Coaching Units of the Wielkopolska Institute of Psychotherapy (WIP). In her work she integrates a systemic approach with Ericksonian pragmatics (she holds the certificate awarded by the International Systemic Therapy Association in Heidelberg, and has also completed an Ericksonian therapy course authorised by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation). She conducts individual and group psychotherapy, couples and marital psychotherapy in Polish and English. For many years now she has specialized in conducting training for the psychotherapist certificate, e.g. in the basics of Ericksonian and systemic therapy, treatment of anxiety and psychosomatic disorders, and also couples and marital psychotherapy.

She specialises in:

  • Psychotherapy of psychosomatic and somatic disorders, as well as neurosis
  • Psychotherapy of anxiety disorders and phobias
  • Psychotherapy of mood disorders; depression, bipolar affective disorder
  • Psychotherapy of existential and identity crisis
  • Couples and marital psychotherapy







Mobile phone: (061) 8629899